They said “consider the mountains” and I considered them

I mapped their topography into the rises and valleys of my rib cage
I supplied their hidden waterfalls with my bloodstream
I climbed them as their thin air left me panting

I said “consider me” and she considered it
We made a study of each other. We counted our tears
In rain-gauges. We were barometers and thermometers.She was cold and slipped away mercurial, she was hot and thorny and inconsiderate.

They said “consider the ocean” and I considered it
I swallowed gallons of sea water.
I floated aimless on currents and eddies
I felt the water of my body moving in waves

He said “consider me” and I said “no thank you”.
He said “consider me” and I ran up the sides of the mountains and left him panting behind
He said “consider me” and I advanced like the tide of the ocean so I could rush away again faster.

He said “consider me” and instead I turned my consideration to a baby animal dying of hunger. I cracked open bones and fed it on marrow.
He said “consider me” and instead I listened for mewling cries at midnight. I tucked kittens into the corners of my thorax for comfort.
I took empty bones and buried them under my pillow. I cracked my heart here and here and here for ephemera.

This morning I stood barefoot on top of my mountain in the cold crispness.
There was writing in the sky, big smoke shapes drifting at the edges.
It said “consider me” and I didn’t know if I made it or found it.
I turned around and went inside.


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