Conversations with Stars

Orion is kind.
He has always held the door for me
when I traveled across the heavens.
And I hope
I will always be one of the Pleiades,
no matter what changes time works in me.

Venus, to me, will never be a woman
but Eärendil and his ship.
(I hope he/she doesn’t mind.)

Sirius is harder to find, but when I do
his tail always wags affably–
I am wary of the dippers, though.
There is no such thing as a tame bear.
Not really.

I’m no good with conversations
with stars
and constellations.
We’re hardly on a first-name basis–

(though I can toss off a casual “Hey, Scorpio,” to impress a friend.
But then,
I was born under him.
Perhaps he’s the exception.)

–and maybe it’s just as well.

I don’t know what they would think if I told them
That if they were not Orion and Leo
Cassiopeia and the twins
Capricorn and Andromeda and Taurus

I would have named them
after you.


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